What is Sonoma Racquets?

Adult Leagues in 3 Racquet Sports: Tennis, Pickleball, Spec Tennis (Can play just 1 sport or choose more than 1)

No Team Required. Each player (or doubles pair) competes against all other players in their division.

Ratings Are Not Affected. This allows players to just play the sport and enjoy themselves without constantly worrying about how the outcome of the match will affect their rating.

Low-Stress Environment. Players don't have to deal with the politics that go along with being on a USTA tennis team.



$45 for 1 division

$80 for 2 divisions

$110 for 3 divisions


Match Locations?

Matches are played at the facility of the "Home" player's choosing. Oftentimes, this means public courts.

Refer to the Public Court Recommendation Guide to pick the best courts for you, at the least crowded times of day.


Doubles or Singles?

Doubles and singles are offered for all 3 sports.

Do I Need a Partner for Doubles?

It's encouraged that you join the league with a doubles partner, but if not don't worry, the league admin can pair you up.


What is Spec Tennis?

It's played on a pickleball court using an 18" perforated paddle and an orange dot low compression tennis ball. It's easier than tennis and different than pickleball. Strokes & strategies directly translate to tennis. 

Check out SpecTennis.com for more details.


What is Pickleball?

It's played on a court about 1/2 the size of a tennis court. It uses a plastic wiffleball and a light paddle. A main feature is the "No Volley Zone". Players must let the ball bounce before they step into this zone, which leads to a lot of finesse and touch shots called 'dinks'.